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Car Seats By Age car seats by age
Although selecting the correct car seat should be done by the child's weight we have grouped the car seats together by approximate ages to make it easier to select the correct seat for your little one.

Birth to 12 months

This category of car seat is referred to as group 0+ and is suitable for children from birth up to 13kgs. Other similar car seats could include group 0 which would refer to lie flat car seats from birth to 10kgs.

Birth to 4 years

This combination group is known as group 0+1 and once again starts from birth to 13 kgs rear facing, however this seat can also be forward facing from 9kgs to 18 kgs which is 9 months to 4 years.

9 months to 4 years

This category of forward facing car seat is referred to as group 1 and is suitable from a minimum of 9 kgs through to 18 kgs. These type of seats come in a range of style and also include Isofix car seats.

9 months to 12 years

This combination child car seat is known as group 1-2-3 which means that is it suitable from a minimum of 9 kgs through to 18 kgs with the harness. The harness can also be removed from 15kg through to 36kgs and the car seat would then be used with the vehicle's own lap and diagonal seat belt. This child car seat would then be a group 2-3 or high back booster.

4 years to 12 years

This is the final stage of car seat and is group 2-3 also known as a booster seat or more accurately as a high back booster seat. This class of car seat is suitable from 15kgs through to 36kgs.<< Read Less
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