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Car Seats By Height
One of the main changes to the new i-Size regulation R129 is the move away from mass based measurement to length. This has been done to simplify the selection of the appropriate car seat. Gone are the groups that have been used in the past and replaced by height categories. At present there are currently two height categories, but as the new standard progresses this will include a height category for highback booster seats. So currently we have infant carriers from 0 -76 cm and toddler car seats (what we would previously recognise as group 1) 67 - 105 cm. It is also important to note the new R129 standard insists on mandatory rear facing to 15 months. Technically this can be achieved in either the infant carrier or toddler car seat size permitting. But it is recommended that children rear face for as long as possible.

0 - 76cm

Infant carriers are suitable from 0 -76cm approx birth to 12-15 months. They should be installed rear facing giving little one optimum comfort and safety.

67 - 105cm

This 67- 105cm group is known approximately 6 months to 4 years. These seats can be installed rearward or forward facing, with the new regulation stipulating children should be rear facing until 15 months.

0 - 105cm

0 - 105cm group seats are suitable from birth to approx 4 years. They can rearward face from 40 - 105 cm, or also have the option to forward face from 15 months or 71cms. These seats may not be suitable for premature or very small newborns.<< Read Less
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