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Baby proofing checklist: mum and baby

Our Baby Proofing Checklist

posted in Babys Mart News by Babys-Mart on October 23rd 2015
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Keep Your Little One Safe With Our Baby Proofing Checklist

Having a young child around the house is an exciting time for any parent, but it can also be extremely nerve-wracking. They’re so small and fragile that it’s easy to see everything as a threat to their safety.

However, with some careful planning, you can make sure that your home is ready for your new arrival – giving you peace of mind and helping to avoid any mishaps.

It’s a good idea to get a head start on baby proofing as, before you know it, your little one will be crawling and getting into all kinds of places. Here are the essentials you need to consider:


  • Install stair gates at the bottom and top of stairs.
  • Carpet the stairs, if possible, to help prevent slips.


  • Install window guards on any windows above the first floor.
  • Tie any blind or curtain cords high out of reach or, ideally, use cordless window coverings.
  • Never place your child’s crib close to a window that has corded blinds or curtains.


  • Place a baby monitor in the nursery, so that you can hear if your baby starts to cry.
  • Make sure you buy a crib from a reputable provider, with a tight-fitting mattress and crib sheet.
  • Make sure the crib is free of large stuffed toys, soft pillows and loose bedding.
  • Remove mobiles with hanging parts once your baby can stand up.
  • Place a room thermometer and a carbon monoxide sensor in the nursery.


  • Remove any small kitchen magnets that could be a choking hazard.
  • Store hazardous items such as knives, forks, alcohol, plastic bags, cleaning products and pet food high up out of reach of little fingers. If potentially dangerous substances have to be kept in a low cupboard, make sure you keep it locked.
  • Cover stove knobs with stove knob covers to prevent your baby from turning them on.
  • Make sure chairs and stools aren’t positioned close to the stove.


  • Place non-slip mats in the bath tub and next to the tub.
  • Place a soft cover or covers on the taps or spout to prevent any bumped heads or scalding.
  • Install a toilet lock to stop your baby going where you really don’t want them to.
  • Store medicines and toiletries well out of reach.


  • Move ornaments and any other heavy items out of reach of little hands.
  • Secure furnishings that could ‘topple’ to the wall.
  • Attach guards to sharp edges and corners.
  • Install bed guards if your baby is old enough to sleep in a bed.
  • Secure flat-screen televisions with safety straps so that they can’t fall.

Electrical Outlets

  • Install ‘child-proof’ covers on all electrical outlets and for extra safety, place large furniture in front of outlets.
  • Keep electrical cords out of reach.

The Rest of the House

  • Keep items such as plants, plastic bags, cigarettes, matches, lighters, space heaters and small objects (e.g. buttons and jewellery) out of reach.
  • Install fire guards and radiator guards and always keep them in place.
  • Don’t use tablecloths, as babies love to pull them (and everything on them!) off the table.

Tips from Parenting Bloggers

We also asked some of our favourite parenting bloggers for their tried and tested baby proofing tips (because there’s no better advice than that of other parents!).

Tami at Mummy of Two

  • “When we had our first child we had a baby gate on nearly every door! Now on our third child we have learnt that you only really need one on the kitchen and top of the stairs to ensure your home is safe for baby.”

Lindsay at Newcastle Family Life

  • “Have a fire guard around a marble fireplace just so the little one can't bump their head.”
  • “Make sure rugs are stuck to the floor so it can't get tripped on when the little one is mobile.”
  • “Buy blinds without cords on to reduce the risk of hanging.”

Sam at Life of Mum

  • “Give them access to a couple of kitchen cupboards with something unbreakable such as Tupperware in. They tend to lose interest in the ones they can't access!”


So, while it is natural to feel a little nervous about the arrival of your baby, you can give yourselves peace of mind, with some careful planning and sound advice-gathering.

Browse our range of Home Safety products, including safety gates, baby monitors, bed guards and more.

This article should only be taken as a general guide.




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