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The New Britax Maxfix

The New Britax Maxfix

posted in New Products by Jeff Mills on May 23rd 2013
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The newly launched Britax Max-Fix is a fantastic new rear facing car seat from Britax.  Installed with Isofix only with the addition of a support leg the Britax Max-Fix is certified as suitable from birth to 18kgs, however after doing a few fittings the seat is quite upright so we wouldn't recommend using it for a newborn.  However I think it would be fine to use from around 6 months onwards.

The main criticism of extended rear facing car seats is the lack of room for passengers in the front of the vehicle.  We have performed numerous fittings with the Max-Fix from Britax and find that is a good couple of inches smaller than its rivals.  During the fitting in my own car this made the difference between being able to sit safely in the front seat and not fitting at all.

The fit of the Max-Fix is very simple.  The Isofix bayonettes extend by pulling a cord at the front of the seat.  The bayonettes cleanly attach and with a nice positive click and clearly display a green marker on the side.  The seat is then firmly pushed back into the vehicle seat so the rebound bar is tight against the backrest of the vehicle seat.
The foot prop is then extended down to the floor and extend the prop to the next available poisition to display the pressure indicator half way up the seat.
Its important to note that this rear facing car seat in not compatible with vehicles with underfloor storage.

There is a nice, easy to access recline mechanism that gives a good amount of recline.  This will of course depend on the angle of the vechicle seat cushion.

The head suppor is easy to adjust and offers a good range of positions.  Plus the fabrics are easily removed for washing.

All in all a really great rear facing car seat.

If you want to have a fitting with this car seat we can recommend a pram shop in Bristol


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