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Britax Duo Plus Isofix

Britax Duo Plus Isofix

posted in Recommended Products by Jeff Mills on June 10th 2013
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The Britax Duo Plus Isofix is one of the most widely used ISOfix car seats on the market.  The versatility of the Britax Duo Plus means it fits many vehicles.  Installation can be achieved in one of three ways.  Either directly with the isofix bayonettes in an approved vehicle, for example an Audi A4.  Or with the use of the Isofix bayonettes plus an additional top tether strap as recommend in a Ford Focus.  Or finally with a vehicle's own lap and diagonal seatbelt subject to correct fit.

These range of installtion options make the Duo Plus ideal for parents with multiple vehicles or if one vehicle has Isofix and the second vehicle does not.  If is worth noting that some cars do require the addition of a performance pad.  This high density foam pad sits underneath the fabric of the duo and is used on several vehicles including BMW.  Its always worth checking Britax's fitting guide for acurate information.

As with all Britax ISOfix car seats the Britax Duo Plus Isofix features Britax's pateted "Pivot-Link" system which creates a two stage movement whereby the initial energy is directed downward into the vehicle's seat before the second stage where the seat rotates forward.  This two stage movement reduces the energies on the childs head and neck.

The Britax Duo Plus Isofix car seat has been an extremely popular seat and one that Babys-Mart would highly recommend.


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