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Sock Ons

Sock Ons

posted in Recommended Products by Babys-Mart on September 5th 2012
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What new parent doesn’t love buying and receiving endless amounts of adorable clothes for their new arrival. Matching up a creating outfits for all occasions , only to find your little bundle of joy has managed to pull off and lose some items especially socks!.

Fed up of being constantly unaware of leaving a trail of socks wherever you go and discovering one or no socks left? We decided there had to be a solution and after speaking to other parents and researching online it was only then when we came across Sock ons! You will no longer have to worry about constantly checking you’re babies feet are still covered and warm.

Sock ons are a soft stretchy fabric that are worn over the childs own socks to keep them securely in place. There comfy, stylish and can be purchased in a rainbow variety of colours that will match any outfit possible. Starting from 0-6 months to 6-12 months your set right up until you’re little one is walking.

This is one of those simple products that will solve your problem; you may even wonder how you lived without them. They will become a part of all babies’ daily dressing up routine, so save yourself a fortune and weekly shopping trips to replace any missing socks and get yourself some sock ons.  As parents ourselves we at Babys-Mart thoroughly recommend sock-ons


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