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Phil & Teds
Phil & Teds go Stroller Apple

Phil & Teds go Stroller Apple

Our price £134.99 RRP £149.00
Phil & Teds Lobster Portable Highchair Red 2014

Phil & Teds Lobster Portable Highchair Red

Our price £64.99 RRP £70.00
Phil & Teds Navigator Raincover

Phil & Teds Navigator Double Raincover

Our price £20.99 RRP £25.00
Phil & Teds Phil & Teds

Phil & Teds are a juvenile products brand that specialise in cool and funky baby goods for fashion conscious parents. Phil and Teds are most well known for their inline buggies which are very distinctive. Phil & Teds pushchairs are a favourite with many celebrities and are often photographed in the gossip magazines.

One of the unique aspects of the Phil and Teds range is that most of their 3 wheeled pushchairs have the option of adding a double kit to convert them from a single pushchair to a double pushchair. This is a great feature for parents who already have a toddler and are expecting a second baby. The baby has a soft and comfy lie flat seat with the use of the Phil & Teds cocoon and the toddler uses the second seat unit which simply attached to the front of the Phil & Teds stroller. The Phil & Teds Inline buggy is all about adaptability and lasts from birth to approximately 4 years. To start with the buggy is suitable for a newborn with either the recommended Phil & Teds Cocoon or the Peanut carrycot. There is also an adaptor set to attach a car seat to make the buggy into a travel system. Then onto toddler, with a nice generous seat and large hood. Then perhaps onto newborn and toddler with the second seat and finally with two toddlers with the second seat. Very versatile don't you think?

Over the years the Phil and Teds brand has expanded and now offers a range of buggies and for your baby or children. All the Phil & Teds buggies have lockable swivel front wheels and quick release rear wheels with pneumatic tyres. The 3 wheel pushchairs fold nice and compact in a few simple steps and fit in most family cars.


Phil & Teds Classic Pushchair

The basic model in the range is the Phil & Teds Classic Pushchair which offers great function at a budget price, most of the features available on the more expensive range are available on the Classic except the adjustable handle height. The Classic is compatible with all the Phil & Teds accessories.v

Phil & Teds Dot & Navigator Pushchairs

The Phil & Teds Dot is the smallest compact pushchair in the range making it pracital to get about with. Although the buggy has a slim and compact design it doesn't compromise on the features, it still has a full sized comfortable seat and double kit for baby, as well as convenient features for parents.

Like the Phil & Teds Explorer Pushchair, Navigator is a stylish 3 wheel pushchair.The Phil & Teds Navigator pushchair has many adaptable features, including the reversible face to face seat, additional double kit and carrycots making it convenient for your growing families needs.

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