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The Gro Company
Gro Clock White

Gro Clock White

Our price £31.99 RRP £34.99
Gro Comforter Gerri Giraffe

Gro Comforter Gerri Giraffe

Our price £9.99 RRP £10.99
The Gro Company The Gro Company

Gro Company

The Gro Company believe sleep is important, especially when you have a newborn baby or energetic toddler to look after, so they have invented and designed a range of products to help both you and baby get a better nights sleep. There Products include:

Gro Egg

A room thermometer that cleverly changes colour to reflect the temperature of the room, keeping your mind at ease.

Gro Clock

Helps children understand when its time to sleep and time to get up, allowing you to get your beauty sleep.


The most famous product from Gro Company. Gro Bags provides a safe and comfortable alternative to bedding and blankets, available in a range or colours, designs sizes and togs so you can have a Gro Bag for every occasion.
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