safest car seat

As a parent, your child's safety is paramount, especially when travelling in a car. That said, finding the safest car seat for them to ride in can prove challenging due to the sheer number of options available. How can you make sure you're choosing the right one?

You shouldn't have to lose sleep over making this decision. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child will be protected at all times in the car. Here, you can take a look at seven reasons why a lie-flat car seat is the safest option for your child.

1. Optimised for Infants

A lie-flat car seat allows your newborn baby to rest in a safer position than an upright car seat. It is the safest infant car seat by far.

Premature babies or those with medical conditions should only use a lie-flat car seat for safety purposes. While optimised for infants, you can adjust most lie-flat models as the baby grows, so they can remain safe and comfortable over time.

That said, when you're browsing car seats, make sure the one you pick is actually a lie-flat model. You can adjust most car seats, but a true lie-flat model will recline until flat. When in doubt, take a close look at the product details or ask a salesperson for confirmation.

2. No Lung Compression

In vertical car seats, your baby's seating position matters. You may not have thought about it too much, but the position can have detrimental effects on your baby's health. For example, if they fall asleep while sitting up, the angle may cause the chin to rest on the chest, cutting off airflow.

The scrunched up position is dangerous and should be avoided. Less oxygen reaching the lungs may result in lower levels of oxygen in the blood, as well. Lie-flat car seats avoid this by laying the baby flat, so they can breathe properly with no danger of asphyxiation.

3. Less Restrictive Harnesses

Vertical car seats can come with complex harnesses to avoid loss of airflow. Harnesses also protect against improper posture. That said, they can restrict your baby and make them uncomfortable.

Harnesses can also be dangerous in an accident, limiting your baby's movement. They may entangle your child, as well. A lie-flat car seat provides simplified and adjustable harnesses to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Combined with extra padding and adjustable headrests, you won't have to worry about complex harnessing to keep your baby safe.

4. Better Position for the Neck and Back

Lie-flat car seats also provide better posturing for the neck and back. Posture goes beyond keeping your baby safe from asphyxiation. Your baby has a soft head, and if left in a certain position for too long, it can lead to skull deformities.

A poor posture can also cause your baby to extend its neck muscle. If their head tilts to one side for too long, it can strain the muscle and lead to positional torticollis. Your baby's spine may also prove vulnerable to manipulation.

For all these reasons and more, it's vital you take care of your child's posture when in a car seat. With a lie-flat car seat, they can recline in a position that will protect their body from the issues caused by upright seating. You won't have to worry about neck, spine, or back health concerns.

5. Adjustable for Growth

Lie-flat car seats are good for infants, but what about as they grow older? Most lie-flat car seats come with adjustable seats, so as your baby grows, you can change it to fit their size. At the end of the day, a lie-flat car seat is the safest convertible car seat, working for both infants and young children.

Make sure you check the product details and reviews before purchasing a car seat. Doing so will give you a better idea of how other children have fared in an adjustable lie-flat car seat. Check to see if others outgrew the seat too quickly and needed to upgrade.

This will help inform your decision and ensure you select one that will suit your needs for longer.

6. Safer Crash-Tested Design

Lie-flat car seats provide a protective shell around your baby in the event of an accident. The seat will protect your child from both front and side impacts. It will also prevent your baby from losing the ability to move its head and neck after a crash.

Restricting the airflow can prove deadly, and this design will help keep your baby safe. As mentioned earlier, you'll want to opt for a lie-flat car seat if you have a premature baby or one that needs flat transportation for medical reasons. For longer drives, lie-flat car seats prove the superior option, as well.

7. More Comfortable for the Baby

The design of a lie-flat car seat allows your child to recline in a comfortable position for the entire car ride. Even for short rides, you don't want to get distracted by a crying baby that's uncomfortable in the car. They can safely fall to sleep in a lie-flat car seat, so you don't have to worry about them getting cranky.

While your baby will feel more comfortable in a lie-flat car seat, you shouldn't leave them in the car seat to sleep. They do not provide safe sleeping environments. You should move your baby to a safer destination and let them sleep there instead.

Combine the Safest Car Seat With Responsible Supervision

Finding the safest car seat in 2020 isn't easy, thanks to all the choices available to you. Even though the lie-flat car seat is the safest infant car seat, you still need to practise responsible protocols to protect your child. For example, don't leave your baby in the car seat for extended periods of time without supervision.

With these seven advantages in your back pocket, you can make a more informed choice when buying a car seat. Lie-flat car seats will provide the comfort and protection your child needs. Now, you can feel confident in your decision and enjoy the travels ahead for your family.