nursery bedding set

On average, more than 700,000 babies are born each year in the U.K. And, now, you're one of the parents set to bring home a bundle of joy. 

Before you do, though, you have to set up the baby's bedroom and buy all of the necessities to care for them. A nursery bedding set will certainly be on your list. 

However, you may still be wondering, what does such a bedding set entail? 

To make sure your baby has the safest, cosiest cot around, here's what to get and how to select it. 

Mattress Protector

Your baby will be in diapers for the foreseeable future. And, even with that layer of protection, they'll still have accidents and leaks as they grow. 

You don't want any of this getting into the cot mattress. Instead, you want to safeguard the bed from stains and liquids that could ruin it. 

A cot protector does that job with ease. Just make sure to choose one that's hypoallergenic, as such products are safer for babies' sensitive skin. 

The pad should be no thicker than an inch, and it should fit snugly against the mattress. With that, your baby's cot will be protected from any accident-related damage. 

Fitted Cot Sheet

Next up is the fitted cot sheet. When your baby's small, this will be the only linen on their bed for safety reasons. Other linens can cause smothering or entrapment whilst the little one sleeps. 

Placing them to sleep on a fitted cot sheet means there will be no obstructions. So choose one that's well-fitted to make the space even safer. 

Because your baby's skin will be so sensitive, don't forget to touch and sample sheets before you purchase them. Opt for softer materials where possible to prevent any discomfort or irritation. 

Swaddle or Wearable Blanket

You've probably read that your baby will have trouble regulating their own body temperature. Knowing this and the fact that they should only sleep with a sheet leaves you to wonder, how will they stay warm? 

Well, your baby will not sleep under a blanket — they'll wear one instead. Sleep sacks and swaddles keep your baby in a safe position whilst they sleep. Plus, it's comforting for a little one to don such a close-fitting garment as they doze off. 

So, complete your nursery bedding sets with a few swaddles that will help them rest easy — and you, too, knowing that your little one is safe and secure. 


What to Look For in a Nursery Bedding Set? 

These three essentials will help you build a safe sleep space for your baby. But it's not as simple as choosing a trio of products and calling it a day. You want to make sure you choose the gentlest, safest linens to complete your nursery. 

So, as you shop, look for these fabric features to make the nursery bedding set work for everyone.

1. Natural or Organic Fabrics

Most parents want to avoid putting their baby on or in any chemical-laden fabrics. Unfortunately, some baby products do incorporate such materials. 

That's why many modern moms and dads have instead opted for organic bedding. You can easily check the product label to learn more about the materials they use to create baby products. If you don't find any acknowledgment of safe materials and practices, though, that's a sign to keep looking for a baby-friendlier option. 

Mantain the high quality of your baby's bedding by washing everything in baby-safe, gentle detergent, too. The same will go for their clothes, toys and anything else you throw in the washer. 

2. Machine Washable

On that note, make nursery upkeep easy on yourself by selecting only machine-washable products for your baby. 

As previously mentioned, there's no way to avoid accidents with a baby, even when they're properly diapered and swaddled. Clean-up will be a breeze if you can just throw the sheet, wearable blanket and mattress pad into the washing machine. 

And that's why we suggest always having extras of everything on hand — no need to wait for your baby's linens to air-dry. 

3. 100% Cotton

Most of the time, baby products come in this gentle material. 

However, you should still check labels to ensure you're buying only cotton-based products for your little one. This fabric is famously soft and gentle on even the most sensitive baby skin. 

Some parents will try out other soft fabrics, and you can do so, too. But cotton's the tried-and-true option, and one that you can easily find in children's shops.

Make the Space Yours

Your baby's nursery will be the first place they sleep when they enter the world. That's why you want to make it so special. 

Perhaps you have a theme idea in mind: some parents envision a colorful safari nursery bedding set, while others see a softer boho nursery bedding set. 

Either way, you now know how to make any nursery bedding set vision into a reality. Keep things simple so your baby can sleep safely and soundly. 

Before you know it, your little one will be a toddler, at which point you can upgrade their bedding to include a few more pieces: a duvet, pillows and other accessories will make it all feel like a big kid space. 

But for now, stick to the basics, and you've got the perfect baby nursery ready for your bundle of joy. We can help you perfect it, too. Check out all of our nursery bedding supplies here.