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Prams, Pushchairs & Buggies
Choose from a wide range of pushchairs and buggies, whether you like to travel, want off road use or just something lightweight and practical you will find it here at Babys-Mart. We offer a huge variety of pushchairs at cheap and affordable prices, as well as the premium designer brand buggies.

Lightweight Buggy

Lightweight Buggies are convenient and ideal for holidays, travelling and public transport. These buggies are easy to manoevure with lightweight design and a compact umbrella fold for quick and easy storage.

Baby Pushchairs

Baby Pushchairs or Strollers are an essential piece of baby equipment, allowing you to get around with your child quickly and easily. Popular features of Pushchairs include a soft padded seat and multiple recline positions to keep your child safe and comfortable, some strollers will also have lie flat recline positions making it suitable for use from birth. 3 Wheel Pushchairs are also a great choice, their front wheel gives greater manoevurablity and control for off road use and multi terrains.

Double Buggies

If you have twins or are expecting a second child then a double buggy is what you need. Double buggies come in many styles by a variety of manufacturers. Most side by side double pushchairs will be suitable from birth with independently reclinable seats. There is also the choice of a tandem pushchair, these will have one seat in front of the other and usually only have one from birth seat unit and one toddler seat.<< Read Less
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