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Double Prams & Buggies

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Pushchair Black

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Pushchair Black

Our price £363.00 RRP £449.99
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Twin Pushchair Black

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Twin Pushchair Black

Our price £519.00 RRP £649.99
Britax B Agile Double Pushchair Cosmos Black
Cosmos Black

Britax B Agile Double Pushchair Cosmos Black

Our price £234.00 RRP £345.00
Joie Aire Twin Double Pushchair Rosy & Sea
Rosy & Sea

Joie Aire Twin Double Pushchair Rosy & Sea

Our price £117.00 RRP £140.00
Joie Evalite Duo Pushchair Coal
Grey Flannel

Joie Evalite Duo Pushchair Coal

Our price £214.99 RRP £250.00
Nuna Demi Grow Pram Frost

Nuna Demi Grow Pram Frost

Our price £800.00
Out n About Twin Nipper v4 Pushchair Carnival Red
Carnival Red
Lagoon Blue
Purple Punch
Royal Navy
Steel Grey/Black

Out n About Double Nipper V4 Carnival Red

Our price £359.95 RRP £524.95
Double Prams & Buggies Double Prams & Buggies

At Babys-Mart we have a huge selection of Double Buggies from leading manufacturers which can be suitable for two newborns or a newborn and older child, including Baby Jogger, Cosatto, Graco, Chicco, Jane, Out n About and Phil & Teds. Whether it's a side by side Twin Pushchair like the Out n About Nipper, a Double Buggy from Cosatto or a Tandem Pushchair like the Phil & Teds range - you will find it here. Your choice of twin pram or double buggy will depend on two factors; whether you are looking for a double buggy that will be suitable for two newborns or a baby and toddler. If you are expecting twins you would be looking for a pram that would have either lie flat seat units, carrycots or car seats, although relying solely on two car seats to give you a from birth option is not ideal, a lie flat seat unit or carrycot would be preferable.


Double Buggy

Double buggies offer more choice and versatility with most models being suitable from birth with independent folding seats. Most if not all buggy manufacturers offer a double buggy from Chicco and Cosatto to Silver Cross all offer great function and design. The design on these double buggies are quite similar with not too much to separate one manufacturer from another, however the styling and fabrics are unique with Cosatto having the most personality of all the brands with bright and quirky designs. Silver Cross offers classic and stylish fabrics in classic colour ways that offer timeless elegance. Chicco's style is typically Italian with clean design and bright colours. The advantage of double buggies is that they are easy to fold and quite compact however their width sometimes makes them a little difficult to maneuver in narrow aisles in shops or around busy towns.

Best Double Buggy

There is no best double buggy its really a question of which is the best double buggy for you. In our experience there isn't the ideal double buggy, there is always some compromise whether its size, weight, function or price. For example you maybe shopping on a budget in which case trying to find a double buggy with independent reversible seats, options for carrycots and car seats would be very difficult. In that case we would recommend a Graco double buggy or perhaps a Cosatto double buggy. Both of these two brands produce a cheap double buggy offering excellent value for money without compromise on quality. If you have a little more to spend and would like the option of parent facing seats, lie flat carrycots or two car seats, then we would recommend Jane, Baby Jogger City Select or the new Bugaboo Donkey. So you see there isn't a "best" double buggy out there its really down to the individual needs of the parents.

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