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The Scandinavian practice of fresh-air baby sleeping is catching on in the UK. The benefits range from more restful nap times to better resistance to the sniffles.

But just as you would don a hat, gloves, and a heavy coat for a winter stroll, you need to make sure your baby is warm and cosy in their pushchair.

And that’s where a padded footmuff comes in handy.

Below, we take a look at why Silver Cross footmuffs are the right choice for keeping your baby’s tootsies snug.

So What Exactly Is a Footmuff and Why Do I Need One?

Considered a must-have baby accessory in 2020, footmuffs are like a small sleeping bag. They fit over the chest and legs of your baby or toddler. They have a special design that allows parents to strap their child into the pushchair or pram.

For families that live in frosty climates, a cosy footmuff keeps your baby’s feet and legs warm when they’re outside. They will fit into most baby travel systems, from affordable prams to designer buggies.

Newborns to Toddlers Benefit From a Footmuff

A cosy footmuff is as useful for a newborn as it is for a toddler.

For newborns through to age one, parents can use padded footmuffs in baby nests and car seats, as well as in pushchairs and prams. They can use them when their baby is sitting up or lying down.

And for toddlers, a zip-off bottom gives long legs the room they need. It’s great for when a toddler gets muddy, too. Their feet can poke out the bottom until you get home.

When choosing a warm footmuff, look for a good quality product made from sturdy, natural materials. It should be suitable for all baby stages, from newborn right through to ages two or three.

Footmuffs Are Easy to Remove and Wash

A warm footmuff attaches to a pushchair with a three to five-point safety clip system. They’re a cinch to remove, even with your baby or toddler inside of them!

And since they’re designed for outdoor use, even the most durable footmuff can get dirty, whether from food or drink spilt by your toddler or mud and sand from that family day trip to the lake.

Simply throw your footmuff in the washing machine and dry it thoroughly in a tumble dryer or on a clothes rack. It’ll come out good as new.

Lighten the Baby Bag by Using a Footmuff

NCT, a UK-based charity that supports new parents, recommends a multi-layered approach to keeping your baby warm in the winter.

When it comes to layering, a footmuff is preferable to a blanket. Parents don't need to tuck in a footmuff, and a wriggly toddler can't kick it off. A footmuff attaches to a pushchair with harness fixings.

Footmuffs are better insulated and in some cases weatherproof. They are padded, reducing the need for extra pushchair cushioning. And best of all, if your baby gets too hot, you can unzip the padded footmuff to let cool air in.

While a woolly hat may still be necessary, you’ll no longer need to carry around bulky clothing like jumpers, coats, or snowsuits.

Why Choose Silver Cross Footmuffs Over Other Footmuffs?

Award-winning Silver Cross footmuffs differ from regular footmuffs in that they combine soft fleece or jersey linings with durable or water-resistant outer fabrics.

They’re fully unzippable, so parents can use Silver Cross footmuffs on warm or cold days. Some feature a top toggle that keeps your baby’s upper body snug.

And because footmuffs are available in a wide range of shades, you can coordinate the footmuff colour with that of your existing baby accessories.

Safety, Warmth and Ease-Of-Use

A cosy footmuff is a perfect solution for keeping your little ones snuggly and safe when travelling, visiting family for the holidays, or just out on a walk.

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