nursery bedding sets

Getting ready for the arrival of a newborn is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. But, there are tons of things that you can do to prepare for their arrival that's quite enjoyable, including designing the nursery.

Not only do you get to select the wall colour, but you also get to select the nursery bedding sets and furniture that you're going to use within the room. Before baby gets here, you're going to want to have the room complete and ready for them to nestle their precious little heads.

Let's get right into these nursery themes that you need to know.

1. Animals Everywhere

What's better than getting to put your baby down to sleep in a crib that's decorated with animal print bedding. There are tons of sheets that are available for parents to buy that feature giraffe, bears, and elephants on them.

And not only do you have your pick of the bedding and animals that are printed on them you can select animated animals or life-like drawings. The bonus to choosing an animal theme is it can be used throughout the room.

You can paint animals on the walls or use decals. You can also keep various stuffed animals around the room to make it feel like a calming zoo for your baby.

2. Unique Flare

If you're the type of parents that don't mind a little mix and matching of colours and prints, then you're going to want to add some flare to your babies room. You're going to select a theme that encompasses tons of colours and patterns.

Think painting a rainbow on the wall and using cloud-like embellishments to create a touch and feel for your baby. There are tons of ways to incorporate a rainbow into your nursery.

And you have endless options when it comes to the bedding that you select. Perhaps you want to stick with one colour, or you're going to want to choose bedding that has tons of colours all over.

But, remember your baby does need to sleep, so you don't want bedding that's too distracting.

3. Simply Modern

For some parents-to-be, less is more, and that's when the modern nursery theme is the way to go. For this theme, you'll want to stick with natural walls colours, including greys, browns, and tans.

And when it comes to the bedding bundle that you select you're going to think the same and keep the colours soft and muted. Your nursery is one that radiates calmness for your baby.

4. Alphabet Theme

It's never too early to begin learning your ABC's and if you sleep on alphabet bedding won't the letters be embedded in your baby's mind? We're kidding, but when decorating your home nursery using the alphabet theme, you can decorate any way you want to.

You can print words on the walls that begin with a different letter of the alphabet. And you can find the bedding that has the alphabet in various shapes and sizes printed on it.

Nursery Bedding Sets Explained

When it comes to selecting the nursery bedding sets that you're going to use in your child's nursery, you'll want to ensure that it matches your nursery theme. There are tons of themes to choose from, and we provided you with a few.

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