lie flat car seat

Keeping your newborn baby safe and comfortable is your number one priority. So when it comes to choosing a car seat it's normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed. 

Don't worry, you got this! Use the tips below to purchase the ideal lie-flat car seat for your newborn.

1. Double-Check It Is a True Lie-Flat Car Seat

This may seem simple, but it's the most important step in purchasing a newborn car seat. Narrow your search by looking for just those car seat models in which the seat reclines to lie flat. It is safe and comfortable for baby.

If you are unsure about this feature, ask a salesperson or look at product details on the webpage.

Remember that a car seat that lies flat will often be adjustable. So before making your purchase, check the adjustable angles for the product to be sure your model reclines all the way.

2. Consider Weight Requirements

Some lie-flat car seat models are suitable for infants from birth while others have a specific weight requirement. There may be a weight limit for the seat which also limits the length of time your infant can use it.

Weight requirements are essential for safety, so it's important to take a look before purchasing.

3. Look at Customer Reviews

While you may not want to take all your parenting advice from other mum's, customer reviews can be a lifesaver, literally!

When deciding between models of lie-flat car seats scroll through the reviews and see if people talked about comfort, ease of use, and durability. Information like that could help you decide between models.

You can also consult consumer report websites for safety information and unbiased reviews.

4. Take Advantage of Free Car Seat Safety Inspections

Did you know that some hospitals and fire departments offer free car seat safety inspections? It's true!

Research local spots that might offer a car seat safety inspection once you have made your purchase. Safe installation of the lie-flat car seat is just as important as the model you buy. 

If you discover during the inspection that a part of your car seat is faulty or broken, check the warranty on the product and try to return it right away. 

5. Avoid the Urge to Use Add-Ons

Some car seat accessories like a car seat base are essential for use and safety. But others could compromise your little one's safety and comfort in the car. Before buying all sorts of blankets and toys, check that those items can be used safely inside the seat.

Safe Baby, Happy Mum

We all want to do what's best for our children, starting from birth. Choosing the right lie-flat car seat can help your baby stay comfortable and can even support their health.

Car seats can be expensive, so you want to make sure you choose the right one and install it properly. Hopefully, the tips above can help you feel confident in your choice.

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